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2023 Mini Session Special: I Wanna Dance with Somebody

I want to feel the heat with somebody. Yeah, I want to dance with somebody. With somebody who loves me.

If you aren't jamming to the iconic song by the late and great Whitney Houston, after reading that opening, we need to talk. If you are...nicely done. If you want to keep it going, click here. Go ahead... this post will be here when you are done traveling back to 1987 and taking in the fluorescent colors and bold eye makeup.

Every year I run a mini-session special that is a discounted rate and can be booked for ANYTIME throughout the year. It is my own special way to kick off the New Year and do something different and fun. I've done sibling sessions, kids and pets, cousin sessions, and my "who saved you in 2020?" mini session special. I like these to be fun, specific, and memorable.

This year, I was having a hard time coming up with what I wanted to do. Taking those three things I strive for: fun, specific, and memorable, I played with many ideas, but nothing stuck—nothing really grabbed me like the others had in the past. I began scrolling through my archive of images, trying to imagine different combinations and ideas that may satisfy my creative want and need. I decided I needed to do a session that I have never done before—something new and different for me, but also something common, something that everyone needs and wants pictures for.




Then, it hit me almost as suddenly as lightning and as impactful as thunder. Dances. After singing "The Dance" in my head for a few moments (because I am constantly associating words with songs in my head, is that just me?), I brought myself back to reality and started plotting my next mini-session special: Dances.

Memories filed into my brain from all the moments I held close that stemmed from this simple word: Dance. They were fun, specific, and of course, memorable. The best part was, that it wasn't age specific for me. It was something that was a constant through my entire life—and that is what I am hoping to capture for my clients this coming year.

Let's start with the obvious: High School Dances

Friends, dates, moments that you remember forever. Butterflies, beautiful dresses, hair and makeup, corsages, and boutonnieres. It was all so magical and so fun. Groups of people that you barreled through the most difficult and exciting parts of life with. First loves, best friends, tasty meals, limo rides. Mischief, fast songs that made you jump and slow songs that made you melt.

Everyone gets together before dinner and the dance, while parents snap photos on their cameras or phones. Maybe this time, you let me take those photos for you. Let me get capture those moments and the moments in-between the posed pictures. The awkward look, the shy moment he slips on her corsage, or the giggle shared after an inside joke is exchanged between friends.

The Precursor: Middle School Dances

Now to the real awkward moments. The dances that were purposefully renamed to things like: "Fall Fest" or "Spring Party" to disguise the idea that girls and boys will be actually dancing together. Less of a dance, more of a party that usually starts with boys on one side of the room and girls on the other, until they decide to let go of their insecurities and dance together to the music they love. These are the dances that almost always start with a big group of friends together and dressed for a theme. These moments aren't always captured with photos, but what if they were? What if you could freeze a moment in time when the expectation of dances was more about friends then it was being fancy and having a date? These moments that are the springboard for the highschool years to come.

Cotillion or in my case, "Dance Club"

Oh, how I love Cotillion and how very sad I am that my son cannot participate because of basketball. When I was growing up, it was called "dance club" and it was by far the most dreaded thing of my life, but also the most fun. Learning to dance "properly" by an adult who doesn't even know the latest pop sensation. Being forced to dance with members of the opposite sex by simply moving down a line and stopping when told. Learning the "box step" while rolling your eyes. All while secretly counting down the days until the next class. My daughter was able to participate in elementary and middle school and she hated and loved it all at once. Getting dressed up, learning manners, and then gossiping with friends afterwards. I took plenty of pictures of her and her friends during the Cotillion party and cherish them so much—why not offer them to others too? She probably winces when she sees them now, but one day she will be able to tell her children about it and show them what it was like, and I love that.

Elementary Dances: Father/Daughter & Mother/Son

Don't worry, those grade school kids that are too young for Cotillion still have their moment to shine. Father/Daughter & Mother/Son dances are popular community events that are more memorable than most. Parents: these are the LAST moments you have where your kids will WANT to go to a dance with you. They won't want you chaperoning their middle school or high school dances. They won't want to dance with you at your cousin's wedding when they hit their teens. This is IT. Take in that moment and remember those sweet little smiles, cute dresses and suits, and the time where you were the most important person in their universe. If you don't get these moments captured now, did they even really happen?

The Details & Fine Print:

Sessions booked by January 31st for any time in 2023 receive discount booking at a rate of $120

  • Location of your choice

  • 20-30 min session

  • 20+ images in B/W & Color

  • Digital Download Gallery

  • Friend groups and couples up to 6 people with $25 per additional person

  • Printing rights & recommendations

  • Options to purchase prints and products

Booking opens NOW. To book, contact me and we will get something set up! I am excited and looking forward to capturing these special moments for you!

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