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Don't Trust the Weatherman

I am pretty certain that it has to take a lot of guts, confidence, and a bit of an ego to become a meteorologist in Ohio. Unlike the consistent weather patterns of Southern CA or, say, Phoenix, AZ—Ohio is unpredictable, ever changing, and, lets face it—extremely confused when it comes to weather. I've lived here my entire life and I cannot even begin to tell you how many times the weather has gone from one extreme to another within a week, a few days, or hell, even a few hours. So any person that willingly decides to study weather patterns, predict the the future temperatures and conditions, AND puts themselves on TV as the face of what to expect weather-wise over the next week, is ballsy. Because they often get it wrong.

As a (primary natural light) photographer, this can present its own unique set of problems. Each and every session that is scheduled could end up being rescheduled or postponed due to weather, and as such, I have to plan ahead for that. I leave gaps in my schedule to allow for rain dates, all while avoiding my children's practices and games so that I can be there to cheer them on. I am not going to lie, it isn't easy to manage. I've woken up in the morning after having nightmares that I have missed a session I rescheduled because my calendar looked like a web of things I needed to do, and something slipped by me. However, I digress. Like, a lot. Where was I? Oh yes, the meteorologists. I love them, they work hard. They take on a job that expects them to predict the future and, well, there are not a lot of other careers where that is a key part of the job description. I know there is science to it, but still—there is that element of fortune telling that is definitely present. This is why, my dear friends - I cannot trust them. I can like them, but I cannot trust them.

This lovely family is a returning client of mine that I absolutely ADORE photographing. They have now booked me for two extended family sessions. The first one we were caught in the rain, but made it work at The Grange Insurance Audubon Center. With the big overhangs, beautiful foliage, and positive attitudes, it all worked out wonderfully. This second time around, we decided on Inniswoods Metro Park and it was extremely difficult to get all of their schedules to sync up. Of course, just as we did, the weatherman predicted rain. So happy we didn't trust him.

Also, for the record, this is my favorite central Ohio meteorologist :)

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