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Senior Portrait Session: Ava B.

First 2023 senior session of the season with a young woman aspiring to be part of the fashion industry, and let me tell you, I'm not at all mad about it.

Inspired by a TikTok series and through the help of my daughter, I am going to attempt to describe this session in "teen speak," a marketing tool to recruit more teens. Ahem, so, let me say: her fits was fire (her outfits were great), her location choices were slaps (amazing), and she seemed to be no noob—she was super chill (she was no newbie at this, she was very laid back).

Okay, I have to admit, that above paragraph was super cringy and sus. I think I should just stick to what I know...

Her creativity was present throughout the entire session, through her outfit choices, location choices, and through her posing. She hit every mark, had fun, and let me just tell you—her makeup was on point (is that still a thing? "On point?") We started our session down at Franklin Park, moved to German Village area, taking advantage of the historic homes and cobblestones that lined each road. After stopping off at Frank Fetch Park, we ended our session at the beloved Book Loft, complete with flowers, fairy lights, and of course, books.

Ava is someone that I have had the pleasure of knowing for awhile now. She's kind, respectful, fun, and crazy talented. She is a dancer and participates in Irish Dance, which is such a complicated and intricate form of dance that takes years of training and lessons. It is mesmerizing to watch as they make it look so easy and seamless. She loves fashion, her family & friends, and just seems to make the most out of every situation.

If you have a senior who needs portraits, I do have a few spots left this fall! Reach out to see if my available times will work for you. I am also taking a few more family sessions, if you need some images for those Christmas cards—I know, it feels too early, but it's not!

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