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Spring has Arrived, but Mom has Always Been There.

With snow in the forecast this weekend, It's a sure sign that spring has arrived here in Ohio. With temperatures reaching 70 degrees just a few short days ago, to a new high of 39 degrees and a snow/rain mix tomorrow, spring has definitely sprung. I am not sure why our midwest weather pattern is so confused this time of year (well, really all year) but with this consistent change day to day, spring presents a lot of things in our household. My organization/spring cleaning bug kicks in, Lacrosse season is in full swing for my 13 year old daughter, and baseball practice kicks up from 1 to 3 days per week for my 10 year old son. This along with school starting to wind down, extra curricular activities, and increasingly more socializing outside, Spring has easily become one of our most busy times.

But you know what else spring brings? Photography. Yep! This is the time of year I start to work more and really get excited about taking pictures. From personal photos of my kids to capturing family sessions for my clients, this is the time I buckle down and start making plans to get the season going.

Here's what's going on...

Mommy + Me

In May, we see the rebirth of nature bloom all around us. Flowers, trees, and bright green grass paints the canvas of the land around us. It is uplifting and rejuvenating. It's appropriate, then, that Mother's Day is also celebrated in May. The woman that gave life to you, your kids, or your grandkids. I am a mom and I know what a thankless job it can be. We are the appointment makers, the schedule keepers, the chefs and the cleaners. We are the drill sergeants, the taxi drivers, the counselors and the comforters. We make sure the wash is done, the sheets are changed, and the dishes are ready to eat off of. On the surface, it sounds like too much and sometimes it can be. However, what we moms get in exchange is priceless.

From the moment our babies come into this world, our hearts are literally beating for them. It is a cliche but it is true, you never know how much love you are capable of until you have a child. Whether that is naturally, or not. Our children teach us so much as we try our hardest to teach them the lessons of life. To see them in pain, physical or emotional, takes a daunting toll on us and all we want to do is make that pain go away. We celebrate their milestones, from learning to take those first wobbly steps to them landing their first adult job.

There are plenty of gifts you can get her this Mother's day that will make her feel appreciated and loved. I highly recommend a spa day, a subscription box, a day of rest, or a handmade gift. Another great gift idea is the gift of memories. This May, I am offering two different dates for Mommy + Me Mini Sessions. One is before the holiday (May 7th) and one is after (May 15th). For the woman that has always been there, that you can always count on, give her something special this holiday. Mom, if you want to get some loving images of you and your child or children, you can book this mini session for yourself! Kids and Dads - if you want to give this as a gift, I will present you with a certificate you can wrap and have her open. Either way, this unique gift idea lets mom capture the important moments with her children in a digital format that she can hold onto forever with the option to order prints and photo gifts with any chosen image.

I know that "mom" comes in many different forms. This could be a mom to an animal, a person who is "like a mom" to you, or an expecting mother. This session special, applies to ALL MOMS.

Spring Mini Sessions

Of course, spring also means Spring Mini Sessions. This session is for anyone. This applies to families, friends, animals, you name it. There will be several Spring Mini Session times and dates that you can choose from, starting with April 23rd & 24th, 29th & 30th and May 6th & 7th. Celebrate the warmer weather, the blooming flowers, the absence of humidity, and world getting "back to normal" by getting an updated portrait of your loved ones. These sessions are quick, easy, and most importantly, FUN! Locations are chosen to apply to an array of tastes, and these sessions are all about you. Incorporating what you want and who you are to gain an authentic picture of you and your loved ones is my mission, my goal, and my passion.

A la Carte

As always, you can book a full session, extended family session, branding session, headshot session, senior session, or pet session with me anytime. Working specifically around your schedule and what you want and need out of your session, we will make magic and have fun doing it. Need something that isn't on this list? No worries! Talk to me, let me know what you are looking for, and I will make it happen.

The Bizness...

  • To book, just contact me. Let's chat - let's see what works for you and for me.

  • Want to learn more about me and see my portfolio? Go here.

  • Want to see my recent work on Instagram? You got it.

  • Want to see my recent work on Facebook? Do it.

  • Feel free to message me via email at or DM me through social media.

I can't wait to embrace spring and take some pictures!

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