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The Scioto Mile. An amazing location developed in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio, nestled between skyscrapers, creating a valley among the buildings and the Scioto River. Although not as expansive as the great Central Park in New York City, I dare say it is our version of a beautiful park with greenery framed by the buildings and the hustle and bustle of the small city that I call home.

Growing up in Columbus in the 1980s & 90s (oh geez, I am dating myself) there wasn't a centralized park to visit with family and friends. Going downtown was an occasion saved for a fancy dinner, Red, White, and BOOM, or for a show or concert at the Ohio or Palace Theatre. It wasn't until 2010 that we started to see the amazing effects of the what the Scioto Mile was to become and was able to offer our city.

The result offered so much for the people of Columbus and became one of my absolute favorite spots to take pictures. When I have a client book with me, one of the first questions I ask is "where would you like your session to take place?" A lot of people aren't sure and I offer a location guide that can assist you in making the decision. Categorized by "Park Feel" or "City Feel," my list encompasses areas that people may not have thought of when they decided to book a photo shoot. Sometimes, people want a little bit of both. When that happens, my first suggestion is The Scioto Mile.

With this family, the original location was set at Veterans Memorial, which is conveniently located adjacent to COSI and the riverwalk of the Scioto Mile. Deciding that they wanted all the views that Columbus had to offer, we scheduled a full session and began our walk at Veterans Memorial and continued past COSI, down the river and ended at the iconic bridge where the deer statue is located that overlooks the city and the Scioto River.

This was one of my favorite sessions. We walked, talked, and snapped pictures along the way. The girls picked out spots that they liked and I took their pictures as they wore wide smiles. It's amazing how cooperative little children can be when they get to pick where they want to stand and how they want to stand. However, what stuck out the most about this walk, was how much fun they all had together. It's true, toward the end the two youngest were tired, needed to rest their feet, and may have had a complaint or two, but honestly—they did amazing. We covered ground, took in the sights, and captured moments along the way.

I really feel that a location can pave the way to a great session. Whether it is a place that means something to you or inspires you, finding the right location can set the tone for a great session. If you want to invest in family photos, I can help you find the right place to really capture the essence of your family and who you are. There is a spot for everyone, and I want to help you find it. It could be a beautiful park like the Scioto Mile or a creek hidden beneath a railroad track that you used to play at as a kid. Whatever it is, wherever it is, it matters. This is why when you book with me, you get to choose where you go. Occasionally, I will hold mini sessions in a precise location, but you ALWAYS have the option to book a mini or a full session at the location of your choice and this is because places hold value and that value comes through in your photos.

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